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Virtual Databases

The most effective way to reduce database costs

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JSONiq – For Developers

Affectionately called the SQL of NoSQL, JSONiq is a declarative query language that can sit on top of any databases.
It can query regardless of its type, shape, size, and location.

JSONiq enables developers to build applications regardless of the underlying database technology. Queries across multiple data sources are seamless. If you switch from one database vendor to another, the queries stay unchanged.

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Supported Storages

for $answers in collection("answers")
group by $id := $answers.question_ 
-- INSERT -- All 2, 35

Cell Stores – for Analysts

In traditional data warehousing, it takes months for the IT department to build a single hypercube.
With cell stores, it takes minutes for the business users to build an infinite number of hypercubes.

Cell stores enable analysts to build reports without any IT required.

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