Megadimensional Analytics

for Regulatory and Financial Reporting

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Dynamic OLAP Cubes

28msec's data lakes are a consistent mix of tiny atoms of data that all look alike. There is no need for fixed hypercubes to be designed up front. Hypercubes are not the schema in which you ETL the data. Hypercubes are the queries.

Give the Control back
to the Analysts

With 28msec, Taxonomies and reports can be created on the fly by business analysts: no need to ask IT to convert it into a schema before adding data. There is no need to migrate data when the data model evolves. The IT department can been completely removed from the modeling process.

Unlimited Scale
Unlimited Flexibility

While traditional analytical processing tools can only support hundreds of fixed dimensions, 28msec supports an unbounded number of dimensions. In addition, 28msec scales independently in storage size and processing power. Consequently, it can query millions of facts in just a few seconds.

A silver-bullet solution for Japanese financial institutions

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Learn about cell stores, the core paradigm behind 28msec technology.

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Tableau Integration

28msec integrates with Tableau so that business users can interact using their favorite BI tool.

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Cell Stores for XBRL Filings

Using latest 28msec technology, XBRL reports can be made queryable. In particular, it is possible to validate reports and derive new information at an unprecedented scale.

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